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Who We Are 
Ken Moody Safaris opened its hunting operations in 1994 when U.S. Army Captain Ken Moody resigned his commission in order to pursue his love of big game hunting. Traveling to South Africa that same year, Ken formally registered Ken Moody Safaris as a closed corporation and the dream of hunting Africa professionally became reality. KMS strives to give each client a personalized safari providing memories to last a lifetime. Our camps are beautiful and reflect the true spirit of safari and our staff is courteous and professional dedicated to taking care of you!
Your African Adventure Awaits...

Choose Ken Moody Safaris to be your guide through the journey of a lifetime. From planning your adventure to the actual experience of your African Safari,
 trust us to do what we do best...
                              Put YOU On Quality Game!

 Bwana Basic Package

Our most popular hunting package for the first timer or veteran safari hunter, the Bwana Basic offers our clients an inexpensive taste of Africa.  Book the package "as is" or book it as a building block package and add on species at our listed trophy fees.  The Bwana Basic is a great place to start when planning your African adventure!

7 Days of Hunting...Trophy Fees for Baboon, Jackal, Impala, Warthog, and Gemsbok or Blue Wildebeest


Dangerous Game

Long considered the ultimate in big game hunting, Africa's Big 5 represents a combination of danger and excitement sure to stir the blood. KMS is proud to have provided hundreds of these high octane adventures in places most can only dream of hunting. Whether it's the "King of Beasts", "Black Death", or "Jumbo" let KMS make your dangerous game hunting dreams a reality.

Plains Game

From our beautiful camp venture out with us in pursuit of some of Africa's most beautiful and elusive game. Stalk Bushbuck along the mighty Limpopo or search out the "Gray Ghost" as you glass the hills for Kudu.  Sneak amongst the thickets of the riverine in pursuit of Nyala.  Whatever the game, KMS will make an appointment for you and "Mr. Big Horns" to meet!
Crocodile & Hippo Hunting

Hunt 2 of Africa's Big 7.  We can put together your "Aquatic Danger" package today!  Contact us for details.
Africa is Calling...
Jim Rohn

Sable Package
4 Available for 2017

7 Day Hunt
Hunt The Most Majestic Antelope in the World.

Bow or Rifle
Are You Up to the Challenge?
Ambition is the first step to success.
The second step is Action!

Cape Buffalo

Ruark...He looks at you as if you owe him money.
KMS...paid in full!
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What Are You Waiting For?

Ken Moody Safaris will make your African dream a reality.  With both American and African management, Ken Moody Safaris is highly experienced in providing quality adventures for American clientele. Together with you, we will plan each and every facet of your adventure to ensure your total satisfaction.  Additionally, your money stays safe here in the US providing you peace of mind and ensuring it is held safe while you travel abroad. Now is the time to put your African hunting plans into motion.  Call us and let Ken Moody Safaris make it happen. We will answer that call!