What's A Typical Day Like On Safari?

Hunting in Africa is one of the most exciting and fulfilling adventures anyone could ever undertake.  The exotic location and animals, the accents, food, and atmosphere make it the prime destination for international sports men and women around the world.  A typical day afield for plains game hunting varies from the rifle to the bow hunter but usually begins with an early morning wake up well before daylight....

After a kick start breakfast of coffee, rusks/cereal, the hunting day begins...hunters will load up onto the vehicles of their professional hunters and head out before the sun rises.  Bowhunters will be taken to hunting stations consisting of either a well placed tree stand or ground blind (hide) and enter the spacious hides along with their PH for a day of watching and waiting over a productive waterhole or baiting station.  Coolers of drinks and food will be on hand as the team awaits the arrival of any number of trophy quality game...Rifle hunters will ride along with their PH into areas frequented by the game they are pursuing.  Once suitable tracks or the game itself is spotted, the team will go afoot after their quarry.  Success or failure is in their hands.  Depending on how things are going, the rifle hunting team will either eat in the field or return to camp for a filling brunch of eggs, sausages, toast, etc. around midday. The food will be plentiful and the cuisine outstanding.  After brunch, a midday break will occur and clients may nap and generally relax prior to the afternoon hunt.  Bowhunters will remain on station as the prime time for hunting the water is generally 10:00 am thru 2:00 pm.   Around 2:00 pm the rifle team will once again load up and proceed into the bush hunting till dark.  After dark, all clients will return to camp and prepare for a supper fit for a king.  With wild game being the feature, clients will eat a vast array of African dishes sure to please any palate.  Following supper, clients will lounge around the campfire imbibing local beers and wines or soft drinks and water while retailing the stories of the days events.  Clients may turn in at their leisure and rest up for the following day when this scenario repeats itself for the duration of the safari. 

During your hunt, once a game animal is bagged and all photos taken, it will be loaded and transported to the skinning shed where our skinners will prep your trophy and salt it thoroughly for its eventual transport to the dip and pack facility. 

Bowhunters who prefer to do some spot and stalking in lieu of hunting from the hides will be afforded every opportunity to bag your game on foot.  All of our PHs are bow savvy and will work diligently to get you within range.  The shot will be up to you.

The above generally describes how a typical plains game day unfolds.  Varying factors such as client preference, physical capabilities, weather, hunting success, etc., may cause changes in how your particular hunt will happen day to day.  Remember, this is your hunt and while we know how to make it successful, we will always follow the wishes of our clients with regards to legal hunting procedures.